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PRBA Safety Policy on Use & Handling of Stand-Alone Cylindrical Lithium Ion Cells

Misuse of stand-alone lithium ion cells such as 18650s and similar cylindrical-sized cells is an increasing safety concern. Cells are being misused as stand-alone battery products without a proper protective case and the necessary safety and protection components. For example, standalone 18650 lithium ion cells without necessary safety protection components are being provided to and/or…
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PRBA – The Rechargeable Battery Association Position on Reconditioned Lithium ion Cells and Batteries

Reconditioning lithium ion cells and batteries may offer an opportunity to re-use a product of significant value. However, the cells and batteries must be managed appropriately to assure that safe products are made available to the market. Use of lithium ion cells and batteries that are reconditioned (also referred to as “refurbished,” “re-purposed,” “re-used” and…
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