EPA Request for Information on Best Practices for Battery Recycling and Labeling

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published today a Request for Information (RFI) soliciting public comment on the scope and prioritization of battery collection, best practices for the collection of batteries for recycling, programs to promote battery recycling through the development of voluntary battery labeling schemes, and communication/education materials for battery producers and consumers regarding the reuse and recycling of critical minerals in batteries. PRBA will be submitting comments in response to the RFI.

EPA is interested in feedback on all types of primary and rechargeable batteries – including “lithium based, nickel-metal hydride, and other battery chemistries” for all types and applications (e.g., consumer, electric vehicle, industrial). EPA is also seeking information on how consumers, businesses, entities in the vehicle supply chain (e.g., dealerships, repair shops, auction houses, dismantlers, entities that repurpose electric vehicle batteries, scrap yards) and others are educated on how to manage batteries at the end-of-life. Further, the RFI specifically addresses the mandates given to EPA by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of 2021 to develop such best practices and programs to improve the recycling of batteries.