PRBA Backs California Senate Bill Aiming To Reduce Improper Disposal of Lithium Ion Batteries

The Rechargeable Battery Association welcomes California Senate passage of legislation addressing the improper disposal of consumer-type lithium ion batteries.

“Collectively, the provisions in this bill will help mitigate safety risks by significantly reducing the number of lithium ion batteries improperly disposed of in trash bins and recycling containers,” said PRBA Executive Director George Kerchner. “We strong encourage the Assembly to take action and pass this important legislation as quickly as possible.”

The Senate bill (SB-44) would prohibit any person from knowingly disposing of a lithium-ion battery in a container or receptacle intended for the collection of solid waste or recyclable materials unless it is designated for recycling of batteries. The legislation also requires CalRecycle and the Department of Toxic Substances Control to provide guidance for outreach to consumers and increase their awareness of the proper disposal of lithium-ion batteries. State agencies must develop a model protocol identifying best practices for managing discarded lithium-ion batteries and the suppression of fires.