PRBA Legislative Committee Meets to Address New York Legislation on Lithium ion Battery Safety Standards, Amendments to New York EPR Rechargeable Battery Law

The PRBA Legislative Committee met on May 19, 2023 to discuss the potential implications of the following New York State Senate bills that were introduced earlier this year:

  • SB 154. The bill would require certain micromobility devices be tested to UL safety standards by nationally recognized testing laboratories (NRTLs). While the original bill was amended and expanded at one point to require all lithium ion batteries be tested, PRBA and a coalition of associations strongly opposed the amendments and the bill was reverted back to its original scope of micromobility devices.
  • SB 643C. The bill is intended to amend the current EPR rechargeable battery law and close the loophole on micromobility devices. PRBA generally supports the amendments but is opposing mandatory retail collection of the larger lithium ion batteries used to power the micromobility devices.
  • SB 6660.  The study bill would mandate review of severity of lithium-ion battery fires, including what specific components of the battery causes severe fires. In addition, the bill would require examination of current measures on safety implemented by fire departments in New York and fire departments in different states and countries. Recommendations would need to be developed on:
  • Measures New York can take to increase safety related to lithium-ion battery fires
  • Establishing training requirements for proper handling of lithium-ion battery fires
  • Updating current building codes for charging devices that may contain lithium-ion batteries
  • Developing public awareness and education program on storage, disposal, and lithium-ion battery fire suppression

For more information, contact George Kerchner at 202.719.4109 or [email protected]