PRBA Committee Meets to Discuss EPR Strategy for 2024 Efforts

The PRBA Legislative Committee met on September 27, 2023 to develop a 2024 strategy on battery Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation and prepare for what is expected to be an unprecedented year for EPR legislation in the United States. Based on the inquiries PRBA has received over the past several weeks from state legislative staffers and NGOs and the legislation PRBA worked on earlier this year, PRBA estimates that as many as 14 states will be working on EPR legislation that will impact portable batteries, electric vehicle batteries, or battery energy storage systems in 2024. 

PRBA will be addressing all of these legislative issues at its Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on October 24, 2023. For more information, contact George Kerchner at 202.719.4109, or [email protected].

PRBA serves as the voice of the Rechargeable Battery industry, supporting its membership on federal and international battery matters. Learn more about joining PRBA’s board of members here.