PRBA Eager to Assist ICAO in Developing New Standards for Air Shipments of Lithium Batteries

Washington (May 8, 2015) – PRBA – The Rechargeable Battery Association is ready to work with the International Civil Aviation Organization Dangerous Goods Panel on new performance-based standards to improve the safety of lithium batteries shipped by air on passenger and all-cargo aircraft.

“Safety continues to be PRBA’s No. 1 priority, as it is for regulators, airlines and aircraft manufacturers. PRBA welcomes the opportunity to play a role in this regulatory initiative that will have far-reaching implications on the lithium battery industry and thousands of entities involved in the shipping, handling and transport of lithium batteries,” PRBA Executive Director George Kerchner said.

During its meeting last week in Montreal, the ICAO DGP agreed to develop these new performance-based standards for lithium cells and batteries after concerns were raised about the risks associated with high-density shipments of lithium cells and batteries aboard aircraft.

ICAO is planning to hold an informal working group meeting this summer to begin developing the new standard. The ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel also is scheduled to meet October 12-23, 2015 in Montreal.

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