PRBA Executive Director George Kerchner Appointed to Key Federal and State Advisory Groups for Lithium Battery Industry

PRBA Executive Director has been named to serve in two key roles advising federal and state agencies on legislative and regulatory matters impacting the safe transport of lithium ion batteries and the recycling of automotive lithium ion batteries.

First, the U.S. Department of Transportation invited Mr. Kerchner to serve a two-year term on its Lithium Battery Safety Advisory Committee. This Advisory Committee was established by the 2018 Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act. It consists of 20 individuals from a range of industries and government agencies. The Committee is expected to provide the Secretary of Transportation with information and recommendations on new lithium battery technology, the safe transport of lithium batteries by air, and improving airline passenger awareness related to the safe handling of lithium batteries.

Second, the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) appointed Mr. Kerchner to its Lithium-Ion Car Battery Recycling Advisory Group. That Advisory Group was established in accordance with the 2018 California law known as AB 2832. It is expected to prepare policy recommendations to maximize safe and cost-effective recycling efforts for end-of-life lithium ion vehicle batteries. The Advisory Group will develop its recommendations between now and April 2022 in consultation with universities and research institutions, manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles, and the battery recycling industry.