PRBA to Form New TSCA Committee In Response to Electric Vehicle Initiatives

President Biden recently announced new policies to pave the way for effective implementation of the historic energy and infrastructure provisions in Public Law 117-169, commonly referred to as the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (the “Act”). This new law will accelerate United States global leadership in clean energy innovation, manufacturing, and deployment. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued on October 5th an important public announcement and compliance advisory to implement a streamlined and efficient process under the New Chemicals Program for mixed metal oxides (also referred to as cathode active materials (CAMs)) used in lithium ion batteries.

In response to these announcements, PRBA recently announced the formation of a new TSCA battery policy committee to help foster the Administration’s electrification goals. The new policy committee is specifically being formed to advocate for streamlining EPA’s new chemical reviews for innovative battery ingredients and keeping materials that are essential to cell manufacturing on the market. This committee will consist of both PRBA members and non-members to help develop and advocate for a workable regulatory framework for battery materials. Companies with investment ties to cell manufacturing, including battery assemblers, raw material manufacturers, and the automotive sector are invited to participate.

On October 26th, PRBA hosted a meeting of industry professionals and EPA officials on the scope of Committee’s work and how it could work with EPA to streamline EPA reviews of new battery ingredients. For more information on the Committee’s work or the outcome of the October 26th meeting, please contact Martha Marrapese at [email protected] or 202.719.7156, or George Kerchner at [email protected] or 202.719.4109.