PRBA Responds To US DOE Request For Information On Risks In The High-Capacity Batteries Supply Chain

Recommends the U.S. Focus On Three Areas Of Supply Chain Supply And Growth

PRBA – The Rechargeable Battery Association has filed comments responding to the U.S. Department of Energy’s request for information on the risks facing the supply chain for high-capacity batteries, including electric vehicle batteries.

In its 12-page response, PRBA identified three areas that will help DOE establish a robust and competitive ecosystem for battery manufacturing and supply in the United States.

Those areas of supply chain establishment and growth are:

  • Growing America’s supply of the raw materials for lithium-ion and lithium metal battery manufacturing, including the support of domestic recycling operations
  • Developing new lithium-ion and lithium metal cell production in both the U.S. and allied countries
  • Expanding domestic battery pack assembly operations and demand for U.S.-made packs

PRBA’s comments describe in detail why high-capacity lithium ion and lithium metal batteries have become so critical to global economic security and the global system for lithium battery production and supply. PRBA also explains how the U.S. can build its own secure and resilient supply chain for these critical products.

“Currently, the United States lags in all areas of the lithium battery supply chain, including access to critical raw materials, cell production, battery assembly, and recycling. This situation should not be allowed to become permanent, and with swift, decisive action, it need not become so,” PRBA emphasized.

For more information or a copy of PRBA’s comments, contact PRBA Executive Director George Kerchner at 202.719.4109 or [email protected].