PRBA’s Message to Holiday Flyers Traveling With Lithium Batteries: Follow Santa In Making a Safety List And Checking It Twice

Be Merry and Bright, But Safe When Flying with Batteries

PRBA-The Rechargeable Battery Association today released its annual holiday safety reminder for airline passengers traveling with lithium batteries and battery-powered electronic devices, including laptops, mobile phones, toys, video games, e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

“The holiday season is exciting and stressful for holiday travelers, whether heading home for the holidays or going on vacation. With air travel predicted to jump 5.2 per cent from in 2017 to 45.7 million during this year’s 18-day holiday season, PRBA urges passengers to comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for lithium batteries and battery-powered devices placed in checked luggage and carry-ons,” PRBA Executive Director George Kerchner said.

Travelers should be aware that many airlines, including Alaska, American Airlines and Delta do not allow “smart luggage” containing lithium ion batteries onboard the aircraft.  Travelers should check with their airline to determine if smart luggage is permitted.  In some cases, travelers may check or carry on smart luggage if the lithium ion batteries are removed, then brought into the cabin.

Spare lithium batteries are strictly prohibited in checked luggage. The FAA recommends but does not require that battery-powered devices be placed in carry-on luggage whenever possible. If carried in checked baggage, the devices must be turned completely off, protected from accidental activation, and packed so they are protected from damage.

The FAA provides detailed, user-friendly information for airline passengers traveling with batteries. Please click here. to access the FAA’s website.